Content and Devices

Working with Files for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC and Other Devices

I. Click on the link in the Purchase Receipt Email to Download the eBook.

II. Working with Apple (iPad/iPhone) Devices

A. How to Send .MOBI files to the Kindle App for Viewing on Your iPad or iPhone

1.    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes ( on your computer befor continuing.

2.    Using your USB cable, plug your iPad or iPhone into your computer. iTunes will automatically add the iPad or iPhone to its Devices list in the left-hand column. To get started, click the iPad or iPhone from the Devices list.

3.    Next, click the Apps tab in the main iTunes window.

4.    Scroll down to the File Sharing section of the Apps tab in iTunes and click the Kindle application from the Apps list. A list of the app’s currently installed e-books will display in the Documents box to the right. 

5.    Click Add... to find the .MOBI file on your computer, then click Open. You can also drag and drop the .MOBI file into the Documents box in iTunes.

6.    When you’re ready, click Sync at the bottom of the screen. The e-book will be immediately available through the Kindle application on your iPad or iPhone.


III. Working with Amazon Kindle Devices

A. Sideloading Kindle Fire with access to a computer (easiest):

1.    Using a mini USB to USB cord, connect the Kindle Fire to a computer. 

2.    Download the e-book file on your computer.

3.    Using a file explorer program, open up the Kindle (will show as a temporary drive). Also open the folder on the computer with the file.

4.    Drag the e-book file from the computer to the Kindle Fire Books directory. 

5.    Follow your computer's procedure for disconnecting peripheral devices. The book will now be available in the Kindle Fire's "Books" tab.

B. Sideloading using only the Kindle Fire:

1.    Download the e-book file to the Kindle Fire using either the browser or via email.

2.    Download and install a file explorer program, such as ES File Explorer from Amazon APP market (it's free).

3.    Using the file explorer find the book file (it will be in the main Kindle directory) and copy it (press and hold the icon until the sub-menu pops up).

4.    Go to the "Books" folder.

5.    Paste the file (with ES Explorer you will need to select "Operations," then hit paste).

6.    Power Kindle Fire off and back on.

7.    Book should be in the Books tab.


IV. Working with the PC and Other Devices

A. General Information

1.    A PDF file is bundled with each MOBI file sold on this site. 

2.    Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application softwarehardware, and operating systems.