Intellectual Property, Embodied


We are living in the most abundant time in human history to date.

Growing up, I often looked at the television set as an entertainment device.

Today, I realize that the device, invented in the 1920's, is a well of intellectual property from the moment it's turned on to the moment it's turned off.

First off it's a patent, a tangible creation.
Then, the moment you turn it on, copyright is presented.

News, sports, shows, movies and yes, commercials (some of them featuring trademarks) - all of it copyrighted.

Which brings me to this point: We are similar to that TV set that sits in front of us. Walking, talking, breathing beings with ideas that can be copyrighted!

So, be very mindful of what you say wherever you go.
Someone listening could take your idea and run with it!

Thank you, and have an extraordinary day!
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